Story of the Company

In 1950 Olavi Rautio, father of Tanu Rautio, decided to go abroad to look for new experiences and fresh ideas. With a rucksack on his back he travelled to Spain by cargo ship. There one adventure followed the other and a business idea for his future company began to shape up. As an aesthetic person and a friend of arts he was impressed by the Spanish artificial jewellery. He was especially fascinated by the pearls of Mallorca and decided to start their import to Finland. This is how Ibero, one of the leading Finnish fashion jewellery companies got started.

Quite soon Olavi Rautio decided to expand the product range of Ibero and started selling business gifts.This kind of business line was fairly new in Finland at the time, but products with a company's logo seemed to go well with fashion jewellery. One of the first business gifts of the company was a silk scarf designed for the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. The product range continued to expand and included items like traditional pens, ashtrays, cigarrette lighters etc. Even though the collection of goods was not so wide and varied as today, the success of the company was guaranteed from the beginning.

Years went by and Ibero kept growing. Olavi's daughter Tiina and two sons, Janne and Tanu, joined the company after their studies. Tiina and Janne started in the fashion jewellery unit and Tanu in the business gift unit, which became Ibero's sister company, Ibero Liikelahjat Oy. Later Tanu's wife Kati joined the sales team of the company. Although the company did well and was successful, Tanu felt that he wanted to do something else in his life and decided to sell the company in 2008. With his family he travelled to Spain just like his father had done in 1950s. The easy-going Spanish way of life and the warm weather were perfect for the family. Nevertheless, something was missing. Just as Olavi had got an inspiration for his family business in Spain, Tanu and Kati had the same inspiration and decided to go back to the old to fulfill their dreams.

So here we are, back in business, full of energy and willing to serve our old and new customers.Only the name of our company has changed, but the spirit, creativeness and people are the same.

Welcome to Progift!
Kati & Tanu


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